The Cereal Killer Cafe

The Antithesis of Tanya’s Cafe – The Cereal Killer Cafe, a trip down memory lane, a ride down nostalgic boulevard. This cafe evokes childhood memories in every sense, the food, the decor, membrobilla and the playlist. You can eat your favourite cereal that you haven’t had in 20 years while watching an episode of Clarissa, listening to the likes of All Saints and the Spice Girls. The whole experience takes you right back to way back when – school mornings, old boyfriends, collecting and swapping toy obsessions. Do you remember the toys you found hidden in the depths of a cereal packet?

The menu includes 120 different types of cereal, over 30 variations of milk as well as toast, pop tarts and cereal inspired cakes, such as the lucky charm cheesecake. You may be coming here on a wild goose chase, with your heart set on having a specific obscure cereal. Or you maybe more open to something new, a cereal cocktail? The owners Gary and Alan Keery have developed a range of different cereal mixtures including, ‘unicorn poop’ or ‘Orange you glad you didn’t order milk.’ I don’t want to ruin the surprise of what these actually contain – both are the perfect, crazy blend of a number of different cereals with toppings and the perfect flavour milk to make the whole bowl come together in perfect harmony.

More than just a cafe, a homage to all thing cereals and your childhood!!! These guys are trend-setters a porridge cafe is opening next and I have rumours of a crisp cafe! I love London!!

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