Dirty Burger


It happened again! I paid a visit to another super trendy burger restaurant(I am considering burgers anonymous.) The burger craze is mad and really hard to keep up with, but luckily I just about manage it. I was off to a gig in Kentish Town. I am not normally around this area, but FOURSQUARE came to the rescue when I realised Dirty Burger was just round the corner. So you will see Pizza East first, then you may notice a sign to The Chicken Shop in the basement and round the corner in the car park you come across a shack with a door, a chic shack of course (cowshed hand soap for post dirty burger.) The menu is small and concise – a CHEESEBURGER and that is all. Along with sides of chips or onion rings. the breakfast menu doubles in size sausage and egg roll or sausage and bacon roll. Another USP of this burger joint was the fridge, a wonderful vintage fridge in a corner, which you can grab your own drinks also free tea and coffee refills over breakfast.The seating area is small don’t come in large groups unless you want to take away, come with one other and get your burger fix!

The Chop Shop

CHOPS CHOPS CHOPS, a meat banquet in central central London.  A haven on Haymarket, The Chop Shop is surrounded by all the usual chains, Pizza Express, Wasabi, Prezzo and Angus Steakhouse to name the most exciting! Chop Shop sticks out as something a bit special amongst this haze of chains. A low key trendy New York vibe, set over 2 floors. The menu is meaty! (There is one prawn starter and one salmon main) if you are a veggie this might well be your idea of pure hell! 

Your main decision will be a chop or their highly recommended Patty Burger, a toasted sandwich burger to be precise! It is filled with deluxe cheese, irresistible caramelised onions and my FAVOURITE part the wholegrain mustard and horseradish sauce, I even dipped my chips (which I contemplated swapping for a salad) in it! Perfect restaurant to meet a group of friends in central London for fun cocktails and meat, go get CHOPPED!