Bo Zin


Magical Marrakech. If you are looking for a traditional slice of Marrakesh in the middle of the sprawling medina Bo Zin is not for you. Situated on the outskirts of the city, you need to be driven there. This is most definitely a restaurant but a restaurant where the party atmosphere is just as important as the food. The resident DJ along with some live musicians will possibly  make you want to eat and dance simultaneously. A little theatre while eating never hurt anyone.

The menu is described as fusion, just fusion in general, with no actual cuisines mentioned. This was perfectly illustrated when the first thing I saw on the menu was Chinese fried chicken croissants. To start we attacked a range of sharing plates which included spring rolls, fried chicken croissants, tuna tartar and cheese and spinach briouates (traditional Moroccan pastries.) Being in Marrakesh I had visions of delicious fresh mezze, this was more a selection of canapes from a London drinks party, pretentious but annoyingly still delicious! The menu for main courses was no less eclectic than the starters. Thai noodles, Roast beef, black cod and a tagine of cod.  Being in Marrakesh, I felt compelled to go for the tagine of cod with charmoula spices and a fondue of vegetables. With such an eclectic menu I could picture my tagine not exactly being up to scratch. However, this couldn’t have been further from the truth, the tagine was full of flavour the fish tasted fresh and meaty and there was definitely no skimping on the portion size.

We ordered a few desserts for the table and these were accompanied by bongo drummers at our table and the DJ turning up the beats, we were eating and dancing around/on the table. Bo Zin is the epitome of fun a restaurant in a nightclub, a nightclub in a restaurant. The menu is varied and eclectic, the music is live and loud. Perfect for a celebration and big groups ready to dance the night away.


At the end of last year I visited Mexico, spending time in Mexico City and Tulum. It is such an incredible country, steeped in history, tradition and food that makes you never want to leave. One of the highlights of my trip – I know how real nachos should taste!

Sure London has quite a few good Mexican restaurants, La Bodega, La Taquiera and Chilangos. All of these are fab in their own right but all with their own London slant. Mestizo is honest to Mexico, it has the sweetest fragrance of authenticity. Situated almost at the bottom of Hampstead Road, flanked by Regent’s Park and super close to Warren street. There are not too many other reasons to come to this part of Hampstead Road. So if you are ever in the vicinity (getting a train from Euston or Kings X or treating yourself after Barry’s Bootcamp) you simply have to pop by for a real taste of Mehhicoooooooooooo

So back to the topic of nachos, I know what you may well be thinking a nacho is a nacho right? Yes but no. A typical portion of nachos in England are some super salty triangle shaped crisps or even Doritos, served with a pot of salsa, something that resembles guacamole and grated cheddar cheese. However, in Mexico the nachos are baked fresh and often served just with a fresh guacamole of avocado,lime, coriander and garlic. The freshness here is key, a lot of the time the guacamole is made for you at your table. This was the first place outside Mexico where I had tasted real nachos. The guacamole wasn’t made at our table but for a moment I was back in Mexico. Mestizo also do a version with added chicken and chorizo, always a hit with the meat obsessed gentlemen.

In Mexico one of the most traditional dishes is chicken mole. Chicken in a chocolate sauce. Mestizo is the first place in the UK I have found to serve this dish, a true mark of its authenticity. After much deliberating we decided to order the acclaimed ‘Taco Tray’ which is for a minimum of 2 people. You have the choice of four different fillings as well as all the extras and condiments which come as standard. These include, avocado, sour cream, fresh coriander, a choice of salsas and chillis, cheese and black beans. The slow cooked pork was completely melt in mouth and the chicken and chorizo was a carnival of flavours. The tray is large and wholesome, the tray is fresh and delicious, you simply have to order the tray! At £14 pp it is an absolute steal. I find it hard to imagine you will be able to resist one of the 280 tequilas to wash down your tanatalising tacos. We also went for a sharing dessert, not that it was particularly needed. Crepes de Cajeta – crepes in a hot, caramel sauce served with vanilla. It was a special treat to myself for finding the best Mexican restaurant in London.

This is not the prettiest restaurant in London, it is not a ‘place to be seen’ (although David Guetta, Sienna miller and Robert Pattinson are all fans. This is one of London’s secrets that shouldn’t be a secret but you are glad that it is! Hands down the most authentic Mexican restaurant in London and I defy you to find better, friendlier service at any other restaurant.

When you have that Mexican craving, run to Mestizo, you will arrive there quicker and have an optimal appetite. It is perfect for everyday and also a great for a celebration, they will make a fuss of you with sombreros and tequilas GALORE!

Ape and Bird

This gastro pub is from the EVER expanding Polpo empire.  All of Russ’s restaurants so far have been very distinctive with small sharing plates as the main focus. The talk of London, how would this work in a pub? Located in arguably the centre of central London, Cambridge Circus where Covent Garden meets Soho. It is in the heart of shopping/theatre/officeland. When I think of Polpo, I think small and fighting for a table. At the A &B,  bagging a table aspect hasn’t changed that much but size most definitely has. This is large, set over 3 floors with 4 different bars and 2 areas to eat. The menu really is gastro pub, with all your naughty faves; prawn cocktail, pies and burgers. Some polponess does shine through in the side orders – roasted beets with kale pesto (oh hi California) and the truffle chips are beyond divine. You have to leave space for some good olde English puds – apple and black current crumble, sticky date pudding and flourless choc cake (not so traditional English, more Cali!)

Imagine when a tourist comes to London and quickly want to tick traditional pub off their to do list, yet unknowingly wander into a weathersppons or brewers fayre. This is where they should end up, a pub for London to be proud of with good atmosphere in a central location and excellent food to match, landlords listen up! Oh and Londoners this is not just for tourists,  no of course not, you will love it for after work just drinks that turns into the best meal you have had in a while.

Taverna Agni

The plane ride to Corfu is the baseball hat crew vs. the panama hat possey, in other words Cavos Crusaders vs. Agni Adorers . My first trip to Corfu and I was somewhere in the middle, albeit further towards the panama hats. I think most would agree when they think of the restaurant scene in Greece they immediately picture traditional tavernas serving taramasalata, Greek salad and moussaka, nothing better. Or is there? Soon after landing in Corfu i became aware of the ‘foodie’ village – AGNI, more a beach side than a village, consisting of 3 tavernas, all similar vibes. We chose Taverna Agni and soon realise that boat was the best way to arrive here, the restaurant has its own jetty as well as a taxi boat service from the nearby towns. The menu was very similar to any standard Greek taverna but the food was far from standard, rivaling some of my best meals. If you don’t order fish here, you won’t order it anywhere. The seafood platter is a dream or just order a large bass or bream for the table and all dig in! The starters cannot be glossed over, lightly fried courgettes and sardines stuffed with feta cheese were highlights oh and the chalked up dessert board is too alluring to turn a blind eye. the restaurant was over spilling in late September, compared to most of the other restaurants at this time of year, that boarder on boring due to being so empty. Taverna Agni was full of fun and buzzing even in low season. At first glance this may look like your typical Greek seaside taverna, well it is definitely one of the best I have been to!

Chicken Shop

Sunday night blues? Want to eat something homely, slightly naughty but not Saturday night naughty?

Chicken Shop is nestled in a corner of North West London otherwise known as trendy Kentish Town. Chicken shop is an offspring of the Soho House group, hidden away in the basement below Pizza East. A restaurant where food envy is not a problem, this place only serves chicken and cooks every piece in the same way, roasted on a spit.

Your first decision would you like a whole, half or quarter chicken and secondly what would you like with it? Chips, corn on the cob and avocado salad are all good options. we ordered a whole chicken between 3 of us, it is served one one plate broken down into all the different joints, ready for you to dig in. The chicken is delicious, it tastes fresh tender and lovingly cooked! Of course being part of Soho House the look of the restaurant is perfect and an excited vibe as people try a new concept of the most simple of menus.

The rustic shabby chic feel works well and I Love the open plan kitchen so you can see, smell, inhale the chicken roasting in the very same room. In this place more than any other you are so thankful for the Cowshed handsoap and lotion because you haven’t eaten properly unless your hands are DIRTY! Low key and fun, perfect for a Sunday or early week supper.

Sweet Thursday

There are Pizza restaurants and then there are pizza restaurants, this is the latter. In one of my favourite London neighbourhoods – De Beauvoir.

This is not your normal neighbourhood pizza restaurant; it is clear the owner who also owns the now legendary De Beauvoir Deli opposite has done a lot of research on the authentic, dream pizzas. The decor is eclectic and works although the lino floor reminds me of my school canteen, in my case not such a bad thing! The piece de resistance at the back of the restaurant is the wood burning pizza oven. Interior quirkiness comes in the olive oil on tables decantered into old glass coca cola bottles.

The pizza menu is both true to Italia as well as some nouveau trendy toppings. I struggle to take pizza restaurants seriously unless they serve a MARINARA; a true Italian classic of tomatoes, oregano and enough garlic to make you single for life. Of course for Sweet Thursday this is top of the menu at the other end of the spectrum is ‘ LAD’ pizza which comprises mainly meat; prosciutto, sausage, porchetta and pancetta to be precise (So laddish!).

Sweet Thursday is doing something special with pizzas, even if this isn’t your local neighbourhood pay a visit for real, interesting, different and DIVINE pizza. Visit alone, in pairs or for a party it suits nearly all occasions and they do takeaway too! De Beauvoir you don’t know how lucky you are.

La Bodega Negra


In 2012 the Olympic Games came to London and so did La Bodega Negra, for anyone that had already visited the restaurant in the New York setting, London’s arrival was almost as exciting as Mo’s Gold.

The drama of this restaurant starts a long time before you are seated at your table. It begins with the sex shop guise, don’t be afraid or over excited, you have arrived at the right place. Once you are down in the throws of the basement, it is dark and the music is pumping, yes you are still in the right place!

The menu is daring with tacos, tostadas and ceviche as starters and meaty mains (half a roasted chicken.) Be warned the starters are small, some are even impossible to share, we are talking gone in one bite. The mains more than make up with great size portions that begged to be shared and the meat is completely melt in mouth with interesting sauces and dressings. This is the perfect restaurant for the beginning of a crazy night, it will get you in the mood and set you up for wherever the night takes you.

The Chop Shop

CHOPS CHOPS CHOPS, a meat banquet in central central London.  A haven on Haymarket, The Chop Shop is surrounded by all the usual chains, Pizza Express, Wasabi, Prezzo and Angus Steakhouse to name the most exciting! Chop Shop sticks out as something a bit special amongst this haze of chains. A low key trendy New York vibe, set over 2 floors. The menu is meaty! (There is one prawn starter and one salmon main) if you are a veggie this might well be your idea of pure hell! 

Your main decision will be a chop or their highly recommended Patty Burger, a toasted sandwich burger to be precise! It is filled with deluxe cheese, irresistible caramelised onions and my FAVOURITE part the wholegrain mustard and horseradish sauce, I even dipped my chips (which I contemplated swapping for a salad) in it! Perfect restaurant to meet a group of friends in central London for fun cocktails and meat, go get CHOPPED!