So what is Kurobuta? Is a good question. Japanese for sure, but not in the traditional sense. Fusion, kind of but also not really. For me this is creative Japanese, or even modern Japanese, taking what we know and love a step further. Kurobuta started as a pop up on the Kings Road, except it hasn’t popped down and demand was so high a second Kurobuta has found its home in Connaught village (moments from Edgware Road and Hyde Park.) Kurobuta is owned by Scott Hallsworth ex King of the Nobu kitchen. When glancing at the menu you may recognise some of the food from Nobu, however this place has a way more relaxed vibe than Nobu and in my opinion a far more creative menu.

The vibe  is small plates/sharing/tapas/meze however you like to refer to it. The menu is split into different sections – snacks, cold/raw, robata BBQ, Junkfood Japan, something crunchy, significant others, maki and sushi. At first the sheer number of sections can be daunting, take your time and make sure you absorb every last dish. A few of my highlights – rice crisps with avocado and jalapeno dip, a good solid snack! With what else was coming up I wanted my grains and greens quota, which came perfectly in a salad from the raw section, with added naughtiness from the honey/soy dressing.  From the BBQ section, pork belly in steamed buns with spicy peanut soy sauce, these were honestly too good, I have dreamt about them multiple times since, yes the meat was tender, yes the buns were the right amount of dough -i-ness but it is the concoction of flavours that really sets these alight. The peanut soy sauce is a pure addiction, I ended up adding it with every dish on the menu, it was sickly salty. Junk Food Japan, what a cool section, although a tough one to make decisions in. I was tempted by the wagyu beef sliders in a brioche bun, but decided it wasn’t out there enough, so went with the tuna sashimi pizza, yes you did hear right! So the base was what I would describe as a taco or a proper Mexican nacho, topped with strips of tuna sashimi along with truffle ponzu, red onions and green chilies. You only live once! Nasu Dengaku was my choice from the ‘significant other’ category – sticky miso grilled aubergine with candied walnuts. When this dish arrived I mistook the chunks of aubergine for chicken, I guess I am too used to having aubergine in slices. The aubergine was cooked to perfection, super tender, it kind of melted in my mouth and the sauce again was completely addictive, as in so good that I wanted to lick the plate.

Wow, what a roller-coaster of intense flavours and textures and still more to come. The finale – Jelly doughnut pistachio parfait, excuse me?! This was made up of pistachio parfait, limoncello jelly, matcha meringue, hazelnut and chocolate mini doughnuts. It may sound like too much, too many moving parts, but this dessert fitted together like a dream, the contrasting flavours married together in sweet harmony, a true delight.

Kurobuta is so hot it hurts, the food and the vibe, there is something different about this place.  You can make this restaurant what you want it to be, a special occasion, date night, group mayhem or a casual pop in. Kurobuta will seemingly adapt to your needs. I can’t stay away, so any occasion is an excuse to book this place, hurry, make a reservation.


Persian Seafood and Spice by Sabrina Ghayour

SG logo

My first foray into the Supper Club scene and it seems I started with the best. Sabrina is the new hot chef about town; you are going to be hearing a lot more about her. Her first book ‘Persiana’ is out in a matter of days.

Sabrina’s supper clubs are Persian feasts. She gives her guests the typical Persian eating experience. She has slightly different themed evenings; I attended the Persian Seafood and Spice.

In true supper club style the destination in West London is not disclosed until just before the event. It is in fact held Sabrina’s home.  When we arrived we were directed into her lounge where 2 tables had been placed together to form an ‘L’ shape where 12 people could sit around. It was cosy and homely and so real, this is her crib! My fellow supper clubbers were from all walks of life and in fact all corners of the globe with one strong interest in common – adoration of good food. With the wine we had brought with us chilling in Sabrina’s fridge, we were off, with a welcome cocktail – vodka, apple and mint. I was perfectly set up for the feast.

Ok, so the way this Persian feast supper club works is as follows – for each course, a mass of different dishes are placed on the table for everyone to share. There is no need to worry about someone dominating your favourite dish. I feel Sabrina cooks along the lines of ‘feeding the 5000.’

To start, my highlights included the baked feta with chilli and preserved lemon. I am a feta addict and have never tasted it cooked in such a delicious, precious way. The whole marinated block of feta had been wrapped in vine leaves. It was tender and gooey and set alight by the flavours it had embraced in the oven. The fennel, blood orange and radish salad, served with mint and pomegranate in a citrus dressing was fresh, juicy and explosive. Now onto the main affair! The moment when the dishes were carried out, you wish you had not eaten a single thing all day in order to make the most of this spectacular feast. Maygoo Polow, I salute you! Traditionally steamed Persian rice with an abundance of spices, chilli, raisins and prawns was also delicious. Again, the freshness is what really shines with this staggering dish; it is comforting and satisfying whilst also a sensation for your senses. This was in addition to  a total of four other insane main dishes – a slow cooked cod and herb stew, citrus stuffed trout and dish I never tire of, char-grilled aubergines with saffron yogurt. It was almost impossible to stop serving yourself more and more. Every time I tried, I could swear I saw an aubergine winking at me. It was only when I remembered about dessert that I managed to stop eating the mains and only for fear that I would be able to squeeze in more, a dessert! Dessert, thank goodness was kept simple however, still divinely delicious. In simplicity a cupcake, in deliciousness flavoured with cardamom, orange, pistachio and almonds and all washed down with a fresh glass of mint tea.

What a fabulous evening – a mighty Persian feast and a meeting of foodie minds! For when you fancy trying something different and want to eat like a King/Queen!


64 Degrees


‘A gastronomy revolution is occurring in Brighton,” a place to shake up the Brighton restaurant scene.’ These were the kind of exquisite reviews I had heard. So I was all too happy to skip through the cobbled Lanes of my favourite seaside city to see if I agreed.

Located in Meeting House Lane and only a couple of roads back from the English channel. We were 10 minutes early for our reservation, super rare for me and a bit annoying for the restaurant – it is bijoux and 4 of us trying to find a spare space to stand was awkward. I will never be early again! However, it did give us the chance to watch the flawless team of chefs at work in the open plan kitchen with seated bar. This was the perfect introduction to the restaurant, we didn’t really need to see the menu after we had seen each dish being prepared with the up most precision and care!

So 64 Degrees is all about sharing plates. Unlike a lot of its counterparts in London and further afield who also adopt the sharing/caring option this menu is concentrated – 4 fish, 4 meat, 4 vegetable options to choose from. If there is 4 of you, I would suggest one of each. The menu is creative and seasonal, thus ever changing. A few of my stand outs were mackerel ceviche with radishes, pomegranate and a light citrus dressing. The rib of beef was drop dead divine and the potato dumplings were unusual and addictive. (We had to double order.) I loved how the dishes came slowly, as they were ready, rather than all at once. It gave us time to savour and enjoy each dish while it was still utterly fresh. It also stops you from plate piling, mixing all the flavours and feeling full too quickly!

This restaurant is a foodie’s heaven, I would go as far as to say the most exciting restaurant in Brighton right now and value wise, it is a great deal!

If you live close by it is a perfect mid week treat, for those visiting Brighton it is a must eat and should be top of your list, book ahead! I have heard a rumour they have a second outpost coming to London soon, you didn’t hear it from me!

Honey and Co.

I had heard too many whispers about H and C not to be bursting at the seams excited. I had tried to get a reservation most weeks for about 3 months. With only 20 covers, you can understand why it is tricky. Six people, 6.30pm, Warren Street on a Thursday in March. An unlikely location, sort of no man’s land, which makes H and C stand out even more – a diamond amongst coal.

I was so overwhelmed by this restaurant that I feel anything I write will not do this gem enough justice.  Owned by an Israeli couple, the wife ex Ottolengi. The menu is ever changing but a fusion of all the best Middle Eastern cuisine. To start,  we chose the shared mezze which, in most cases, is fairly standard. It is  always delicious but never an ongoing talking point. Not here, sure ok, the favourites all make an appearance, hummus, falafel and olives but punctuated by fresh salads with added fruit and nuts and perfectly heated pitta that tasted like it was fresh from the Middle East. For main, after much deliberation, I went for beef brisket dumplings served with pistachio and pomegranate; quite simply, this dish blew my mind. I wanted it to last forever, I wanted to eat it at every meal time. The meat was tender and perfectly placed in delicious dumplings that were not too heavy and the pistachios and pomegranate worked harmoniously to add the extra wow factor to the dish. I realise I am passionate about food  but this was honestly one of the best dishes I have ever tasted.  Other highlights were the lamb shawarma brick and the rabbit. Exquisite!

Dessert is also a must despite how satisfied you feel. Again, changing daily but there is always an interesting fruity, nutty creation which will complete your H&C experience in exactly the right way.The perfect place to go with anyone you want to impress or someone you cherish, or someone you don’t particularly cherish.  Larger groups are tricky owing to the cosy size and better to savour every moment amongst a smaller group. This really is a special place where you can feel the high level of love that goes into every aspect of this restaurant and honey is the perfect name, so SWEET!


So apart from the burger ribs trend that has taken London by storm again this year, what else? PERUVIAN.

Ceviche was something that ashamedly I had not really tried before and what better place for my first time. Ceviche is buzzy and vibey, as soon as you walk in you can tell you are in for a good night. The food menu is divine, the sea bass in wasabi tiger’s milk and scallops with pomegranate were personal favourites along with the quinoa salad and the octopus and chorizo skewers.

You have to wash down your food with pisco sours, they are truly the perfect accompaniment. There is such a fun atmosphere in the restaurant as people excitedly try these seafood concoctions but also the service is flawless, upbeat and perfectly attentive, they wanted me to leave with a spring in my step, which I certainly did. It is the freshness of the fish mixed with a variety of fruits that re-sets your taste buds. The restaurant is small, so best for small groups or couples who fancy letting their hair down and trying something new.

I am obsessed and so is Giles Coren, welcome to Peruvian paradise!

Riddle and Finns

When people think about eating out in Brighton, I guess it is fish and chips on the beach. When I am in Brighton I like nothing more than HOME home cooking, so it is almost a chore to drag myself out to a restaurant, very unusual for me. So it is typical that the Brighton restaurant scene is colourful and varied following hot on the heels of London vibes with its own hippy beach style.

However there is nothing hippy and nothing fish and chippy about Riddle and Finns, this is Brighton’s own chic seafood and champagne bar, nestled in the cobbled South Lanes (the lanes closest to the sea) you cannot go wrong with your order. For pure decadence the lobster sea food platter BUT the seafood linguine, catch of the day and fish pie are also great options, enjoy with a chilled glass of BuBBLeS. This is probably not what most people would associate with Brighton, it reminds me so much of Randle and Aubin in Soho, with its bar seating, tiled walls and good upbeat music.

R and F does not take reservations instead just show up, more than likely put your name on a waiting list and explore the Lanes (or go wild on the pier) they will call you when your table is ready. The best type of queuing. This is champagne seafood but with lashings of sea air, perfect for a special treat at the weekend.



Located just off Highbury Corner, not a place you would neccesarily expect to find this sort of restaurant but GO! I have been in Italy this summer and when ever I go to Trullo I feel like I am back in that great county. Trullo has a beautifully crafted menu with high quality, delcious food. The beef ragu was a stand out, absolutly divine! Definatly one of the best Italians in London for its pure authenticity, go with who ever or whenver, perfect for a low key meal or big celebration, do you get the picture, I love it!

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