Granger and Co.

Every foodie/blogger has done a delicious review of Bill Granger’s first restaurant in this hemisphere. It is now firmly established as a key staple on the Notting Hill scene and the place for; breakfast/brunch/lunch/linner/dinner.

The queue is all part of the fun (kind of) as everyone from Notting Hill and the surrounding area gallops towards the hallowed doors with the friendliest/flirtiest hosts.

Once seated at whatever time of day you are in for a treat.  A few stand outs for me; the BLT, it came with aoili, need I say more?! For more dinner vibes the chicken and slaw, simple yet delicious and for desert the peanut brittle is a popular choice.  I also love the passion fruit shortbread as an afternoon pick me up. Bill has well and truly conquered Billbourne Grove.

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