Planet Raw

My week in LA seemed at some points to centre around getting to RAW. We managed it on the last day.

Set in not the prettiest of locations right on the busy Santa Monica boulevard, at the front of a small shopping mall. Similar to Segal you can sit outside in the sunshine but you will only have views of the highway. Any thoughts about the view will vanish quickly when you are presented with the menu. Never have I seen so many healthy, nutritious, wheat free AND still enticingly delicious options in one single menu. Also with such a wide range of culinary inspirations – American, Mexican, Italian and Japanese which should be off putting but in this environment it somehow works. The choice was too much and we were too intrigued so we ordered quite a few dishes to share.

My main choice was one of the RAW sandwiches, delicious vegetables in between large flaxseed crackers, seasoned with Mexiacn spices – completely delicious and the best feeling knowing every aspect of your meal is nurturing your body in some way. the sushi was another highlight, different but tasty and purifying. Now to the drinks, this will blow your mind, it has to be one of the best in the world for ingredients, variety and health!

After much consideration focussing around taste but also health benefits the drink would give me, I went for instant detox potion (hibiscus, slippery elm bark, milk thistle seed, cascara sagrada, apple juice & lemon) The taste was completely unrecognisable for me, at first I didn’t enjoy it, but the detox potion quickly grew on me. For me planet raw sums up California – healthy, zaney and nutrious and trip to LA would not be complete without coming here

Taverna Agni

The plane ride to Corfu is the baseball hat crew vs. the panama hat possey, in other words Cavos Crusaders vs. Agni Adorers . My first trip to Corfu and I was somewhere in the middle, albeit further towards the panama hats. I think most would agree when they think of the restaurant scene in Greece they immediately picture traditional tavernas serving taramasalata, Greek salad and moussaka, nothing better. Or is there? Soon after landing in Corfu i became aware of the ‘foodie’ village – AGNI, more a beach side than a village, consisting of 3 tavernas, all similar vibes. We chose Taverna Agni and soon realise that boat was the best way to arrive here, the restaurant has its own jetty as well as a taxi boat service from the nearby towns. The menu was very similar to any standard Greek taverna but the food was far from standard, rivaling some of my best meals. If you don’t order fish here, you won’t order it anywhere. The seafood platter is a dream or just order a large bass or bream for the table and all dig in! The starters cannot be glossed over, lightly fried courgettes and sardines stuffed with feta cheese were highlights oh and the chalked up dessert board is too alluring to turn a blind eye. the restaurant was over spilling in late September, compared to most of the other restaurants at this time of year, that boarder on boring due to being so empty. Taverna Agni was full of fun and buzzing even in low season. At first glance this may look like your typical Greek seaside taverna, well it is definitely one of the best I have been to!

La Bodega Negra


In 2012 the Olympic Games came to London and so did La Bodega Negra, for anyone that had already visited the restaurant in the New York setting, London’s arrival was almost as exciting as Mo’s Gold.

The drama of this restaurant starts a long time before you are seated at your table. It begins with the sex shop guise, don’t be afraid or over excited, you have arrived at the right place. Once you are down in the throws of the basement, it is dark and the music is pumping, yes you are still in the right place!

The menu is daring with tacos, tostadas and ceviche as starters and meaty mains (half a roasted chicken.) Be warned the starters are small, some are even impossible to share, we are talking gone in one bite. The mains more than make up with great size portions that begged to be shared and the meat is completely melt in mouth with interesting sauces and dressings. This is the perfect restaurant for the beginning of a crazy night, it will get you in the mood and set you up for wherever the night takes you.