Daisy Green

Saturday brunch, for me the most coveted meal of the week and in London there are endless options for avocado on toast with poached eggs or something a little greasier if that is your thang.

After becoming slightly bored with these same-y but seemingly must hang out brunch spots, Saturday brunch kind of lost its spark. Until Daisy Green was brought to my attention, a small chain with already 6 locations across London. After urgently checking the menu, I was counting down the days until Saturday! From just looking at the menu I was immediately struck by how Daisy Green took healthy brunch to the next level – this was more like a menu from LA, it even included activated fermented charcoal bread mmmmmmm.

This place was burning a hole in my mind, I decided to check out the one most accessible to me in Little Venice, where I was imagining sitting out on the canal on a summers Saturday morning. The reality was slightly different, with a small amount of canal but more of the M4 flyover, urban is an understatement. Daisy Green is Australian inspired and this really shines through as soon as you enter, a relaxed, fun and friendly vibe.

Two paragraphs ago I said how I was bored of avocado on toast with poached eggs, however the Daisy Green version had me – served on activated fermented charcoal bread witch avocado, labne, lime and lemon dukkah. A good staple made more interesting, it was delicious with a multitude of flavour and virtuous at the same time, even the bread was good for you! I also tried the french toast served with greek yogurt, berries, griddled mango, shaved coconut, bee pollen and pure maple. Again I loved the mixture of flavours and goodness here, anything coconut always taste good in my opinion.

Daisy Green is perfect for Saturday Brunch, when you want to eat healthy but still want to get over excited about what your eating and for it to taste amazing, I need to go back and try their famous banana bread sandwich

The Cereal Killer Cafe

The Antithesis of Tanya’s Cafe – The Cereal Killer Cafe, a trip down memory lane, a ride down nostalgic boulevard. This cafe evokes childhood memories in every sense, the food, the decor, membrobilla and the playlist. You can eat your favourite cereal that you haven’t had in 20 years while watching an episode of Clarissa, listening to the likes of All Saints and the Spice Girls. The whole experience takes you right back to way back when – school mornings, old boyfriends, collecting and swapping toy obsessions. Do you remember the toys you found hidden in the depths of a cereal packet?

The menu includes 120 different types of cereal, over 30 variations of milk as well as toast, pop tarts and cereal inspired cakes, such as the lucky charm cheesecake. You may be coming here on a wild goose chase, with your heart set on having a specific obscure cereal. Or you maybe more open to something new, a cereal cocktail? The owners Gary and Alan Keery have developed a range of different cereal mixtures including, ‘unicorn poop’ or ‘Orange you glad you didn’t order milk.’ I don’t want to ruin the surprise of what these actually contain – both are the perfect, crazy blend of a number of different cereals with toppings and the perfect flavour milk to make the whole bowl come together in perfect harmony.

More than just a cafe, a homage to all thing cereals and your childhood!!! These guys are trend-setters a porridge cafe is opening next and I have rumours of a crisp cafe! I love London!!



Nouveau Greek? Sharing Greek? Well Greek is always a sharing food. I would say Opso is modern Greek, they describe themselves as Social Food. It is located in Marylebone where everyone and everything seems to be going down  right now. This is a Greek restaurant but not the traditional taverna type, Opso has a modern air about it, with plenty of culinary twists and turns. The head chef has come from Princi bakery in Soho, thus all the breads and pastries are freshly baked onsite, such a treat! With this on-site bakery in mind, I imagine brunch would slip down all too well here. However I booked for supper for my Muma’s birthday treat.

The restaurant has a lovely airy, bright feeling, with one long table down the centre and smaller tables surrounding. Ravenous as per usual, we immediately ordered some koulouri bread to start. Let me talk you through what arrived – 2 bagel shaped pieces of bread but dinkier, flatter, softer and covered in sesame seeds, served warm with a small pot of goats curd and a separate pot of sea salt. It was truly delicious and served in a novel way. Fresh, warm bread has to be one of my favourite pleasures and when covered in sesame seeds and coated with a salty goats curd I really was in heaven. Although the menu may look like it is split into starters and and mains, all dishes are small sharing plates, I would recommend about 3 per person, obviously dependent upon size of appetite (mine is always healthy!)

Our table looked something like this – A Greek coleslaw, packed full of cabbage,carrot, iceberg lettuce, spring onions, quinoa and dill. On reflection, i’m not sure what makes it Greek, maybe the zesty yogurt dressing, however it was delicious. Next up, feta cheese, which had been barrel matured, it was creamy and strong in flavour, totally Greek and served with excellent sourdough bread. The next treat was Grouper tartar, this was one of my favourites, super fresh fish served with a zesty, light oil dressing. Then onto the Fish burger in a squid ink bun with tomato jam and chips. I was slightly apprehensive that this would arrive with battered fish, no need, it was completely fresh and the squid ink bun gave an interesting salty flavour. There were two miniature burgers and I kind of wished they were a little bigger, good things come in small packages! Lastly, ‘pastitsio’ – a Greek pasta known as hylopites (traditional square noodle) served with slow cooked beef and a bechamel sauce.  As you would expect the beef was tender and the sauce was rich and creamy, not a dish I was expecting from a Greek restaurant but delicious nevertheless.

So there you have it a modern Greek restaurant playing off traditional Greek delicacies. A great something new to try, when you are bored of the usual haunts, this will give you the food sense of adventure you are after. Crazy I know but the breads were really a highlight for me, so trying brunch is a must. Social food for social people. Enjoy!

Honey and Co.

I had heard too many whispers about H and C not to be bursting at the seams excited. I had tried to get a reservation most weeks for about 3 months. With only 20 covers, you can understand why it is tricky. Six people, 6.30pm, Warren Street on a Thursday in March. An unlikely location, sort of no man’s land, which makes H and C stand out even more – a diamond amongst coal.

I was so overwhelmed by this restaurant that I feel anything I write will not do this gem enough justice.  Owned by an Israeli couple, the wife ex Ottolengi. The menu is ever changing but a fusion of all the best Middle Eastern cuisine. To start,  we chose the shared mezze which, in most cases, is fairly standard. It is  always delicious but never an ongoing talking point. Not here, sure ok, the favourites all make an appearance, hummus, falafel and olives but punctuated by fresh salads with added fruit and nuts and perfectly heated pitta that tasted like it was fresh from the Middle East. For main, after much deliberation, I went for beef brisket dumplings served with pistachio and pomegranate; quite simply, this dish blew my mind. I wanted it to last forever, I wanted to eat it at every meal time. The meat was tender and perfectly placed in delicious dumplings that were not too heavy and the pistachios and pomegranate worked harmoniously to add the extra wow factor to the dish. I realise I am passionate about food  but this was honestly one of the best dishes I have ever tasted.  Other highlights were the lamb shawarma brick and the rabbit. Exquisite!

Dessert is also a must despite how satisfied you feel. Again, changing daily but there is always an interesting fruity, nutty creation which will complete your H&C experience in exactly the right way.The perfect place to go with anyone you want to impress or someone you cherish, or someone you don’t particularly cherish.  Larger groups are tricky owing to the cosy size and better to savour every moment amongst a smaller group. This really is a special place where you can feel the high level of love that goes into every aspect of this restaurant and honey is the perfect name, so SWEET!

Fred Segal Mauro Cafe

A Hollywood hangout, the cafe is part of a Cali based clothing retailer, at first I thought a random place for a brunch/lunch with the outside terrace over looking a not particularly picturesque parking lot. but hey it’s LA and this place is cool so there! As with most places in LA, Fred’s has lots of delicious healthy options yet not so healthy no taste! Perfect green juices and gluten free pasta if you so desire. So it is healthy but with a few naughty nuggets and in fitting with the US of A LARGE portions.

I ordered scrambled eggs on brioche you could decide if this came with salad and fresh fruit salad or salad and chips. I went with the former, a first to have eggs, fruit and salad but of course it went delightfully and now the only way I desire scrambled eggs to be served! The crowd here as with what seems like everywhere in LA is super cool, Biches and vibes all over the show, you will definitely bump into a movie star or some such like. Marvellous Melrose!

Granger and Co.

Every foodie/blogger has done a delicious review of Bill Granger’s first restaurant in this hemisphere. It is now firmly established as a key staple on the Notting Hill scene and the place for; breakfast/brunch/lunch/linner/dinner.

The queue is all part of the fun (kind of) as everyone from Notting Hill and the surrounding area gallops towards the hallowed doors with the friendliest/flirtiest hosts.

Once seated at whatever time of day you are in for a treat.  A few stand outs for me; the BLT, it came with aoili, need I say more?! For more dinner vibes the chicken and slaw, simple yet delicious and for desert the peanut brittle is a popular choice.  I also love the passion fruit shortbread as an afternoon pick me up. Bill has well and truly conquered Billbourne Grove.