A Notting Hill institution, a Mexican located on Westbourne Grove. Taqueria is often named as the best Mexican in London, for me it is a tough call between this and Mestizo (near Warren street) – depends which side of the city is easiest for you. This is a super casual restaurant, yet for me the food is on par with the super trendy La Bodega Negra.

As with any Mexican it is hard not to order nachos the moment that you sit down. Taqueria’s are fresh and include a generous helping of guacamole – I find this a good marker of nachos quality.

Taqueria is perfect for a small group, it really lends itself to a sharing feast! The main focus of the menu is the taco section, with much smaller entries for soups and tostados.

The Taqueria tacos are not what you might expect from a taco. With a recent trip to Mexico under my belt, I can verify these tacos are the real deal. The range of  fillings are served on a freshly made soft corn tortilla. My suggestions are – carne asada – grilled steak, marinated cheese, salsa roja, onion and coriander. The gringa, which is essentially marinaded pork in wonderful array of spice and melted cheese on top. With both of these the meat is tender and full of flavour. I love the added fresh onions and coriander as well as the fresh salsas of varying heat!

A great Vegetarian option is the champiqueso – garlicky mushrooms rolled inside browned cheese and of course fresh onion and coriander. From the tostados, you simply have to order the pollo and frijoles refritos (chicken and re-fried beans respectively.) The actual tostados are more like what the English know as a nacho, just a little larger and more round. Be warned they are addictive!

What I love about Taqueria is it is wholeheartedly, authentically Mexican, go for a feast on wonderful Westbourne Grove.

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