Riddle and Finns

When people think about eating out in Brighton, I guess it is fish and chips on the beach. When I am in Brighton I like nothing more than HOME home cooking, so it is almost a chore to drag myself out to a restaurant, very unusual for me. So it is typical that the Brighton restaurant scene is colourful and varied following hot on the heels of London vibes with its own hippy beach style.

However there is nothing hippy and nothing fish and chippy about Riddle and Finns, this is Brighton’s own chic seafood and champagne bar, nestled in the cobbled South Lanes (the lanes closest to the sea) you cannot go wrong with your order. For pure decadence the lobster sea food platter BUT the seafood linguine, catch of the day and fish pie are also great options, enjoy with a chilled glass of BuBBLeS. This is probably not what most people would associate with Brighton, it reminds me so much of Randle and Aubin in Soho, with its bar seating, tiled walls and good upbeat music.

R and F does not take reservations instead just show up, more than likely put your name on a waiting list and explore the Lanes (or go wild on the pier) they will call you when your table is ready. The best type of queuing. This is champagne seafood but with lashings of sea air, perfect for a special treat at the weekend.


Dirty Burger


It happened again! I paid a visit to another super trendy burger restaurant(I am considering burgers anonymous.) The burger craze is mad and really hard to keep up with, but luckily I just about manage it. I was off to a gig in Kentish Town. I am not normally around this area, but FOURSQUARE came to the rescue when I realised Dirty Burger was just round the corner. So you will see Pizza East first, then you may notice a sign to The Chicken Shop in the basement and round the corner in the car park you come across a shack with a door, a chic shack of course (cowshed hand soap for post dirty burger.) The menu is small and concise – a CHEESEBURGER and that is all. Along with sides of chips or onion rings. the breakfast menu doubles in size sausage and egg roll or sausage and bacon roll. Another USP of this burger joint was the fridge, a wonderful vintage fridge in a corner, which you can grab your own drinks also free tea and coffee refills over breakfast.The seating area is small don’t come in large groups unless you want to take away, come with one other and get your burger fix!

La Bodega Negra


In 2012 the Olympic Games came to London and so did La Bodega Negra, for anyone that had already visited the restaurant in the New York setting, London’s arrival was almost as exciting as Mo’s Gold.

The drama of this restaurant starts a long time before you are seated at your table. It begins with the sex shop guise, don’t be afraid or over excited, you have arrived at the right place. Once you are down in the throws of the basement, it is dark and the music is pumping, yes you are still in the right place!

The menu is daring with tacos, tostadas and ceviche as starters and meaty mains (half a roasted chicken.) Be warned the starters are small, some are even impossible to share, we are talking gone in one bite. The mains more than make up with great size portions that begged to be shared and the meat is completely melt in mouth with interesting sauces and dressings. This is the perfect restaurant for the beginning of a crazy night, it will get you in the mood and set you up for wherever the night takes you.


Are you on a detox? Do you have a food allergy? Are you about to dance on tables in your best swimwear? Do you just like healthy food?

If the answer was yes to any of these questions SAF is for you, an organic vegan restaurant for a scrumptious guilt free lunch or a pre/post workout snack. The salads are full of every super food, antioxidant ingredients that you can imagine and all the vegetables are RAW (better for you) hot options include risottos and curries and even a special healthy burger (they do exist, you possibly just need to alter you mindset.) Not forgetting the gorgeous freshly squeezed drinks menu. You will leave SAF riding your high horse, with a spring in your step. Don’t eat chocolate on the way home!

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Granger and Co.

Every foodie/blogger has done a delicious review of Bill Granger’s first restaurant in this hemisphere. It is now firmly established as a key staple on the Notting Hill scene and the place for; breakfast/brunch/lunch/linner/dinner.

The queue is all part of the fun (kind of) as everyone from Notting Hill and the surrounding area gallops towards the hallowed doors with the friendliest/flirtiest hosts.

Once seated at whatever time of day you are in for a treat.  A few stand outs for me; the BLT, it came with aoili, need I say more?! For more dinner vibes the chicken and slaw, simple yet delicious and for desert the peanut brittle is a popular choice.  I also love the passion fruit shortbread as an afternoon pick me up. Bill has well and truly conquered Billbourne Grove.

The Chop Shop

CHOPS CHOPS CHOPS, a meat banquet in central central London.  A haven on Haymarket, The Chop Shop is surrounded by all the usual chains, Pizza Express, Wasabi, Prezzo and Angus Steakhouse to name the most exciting! Chop Shop sticks out as something a bit special amongst this haze of chains. A low key trendy New York vibe, set over 2 floors. The menu is meaty! (There is one prawn starter and one salmon main) if you are a veggie this might well be your idea of pure hell! 

Your main decision will be a chop or their highly recommended Patty Burger, a toasted sandwich burger to be precise! It is filled with deluxe cheese, irresistible caramelised onions and my FAVOURITE part the wholegrain mustard and horseradish sauce, I even dipped my chips (which I contemplated swapping for a salad) in it! Perfect restaurant to meet a group of friends in central London for fun cocktails and meat, go get CHOPPED!


Located just off Highbury Corner, not a place you would neccesarily expect to find this sort of restaurant but GO! I have been in Italy this summer and when ever I go to Trullo I feel like I am back in that great county. Trullo has a beautifully crafted menu with high quality, delcious food. The beef ragu was a stand out, absolutly divine! Definatly one of the best Italians in London for its pure authenticity, go with who ever or whenver, perfect for a low key meal or big celebration, do you get the picture, I love it!

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