As with every trip, restaurant research is key. There is nothing worse than being in an incredible destination and ending up at a sub-optimal restaurant due to lack of planning. Although sometimes by chance I agree it can all fall into place.

Forte Dei Marmi, on the Tuscan riviera, which crazily immediately reminded me of Miami. With its super straight coastline and long, deep beaches and the fact everyone cycles everywhere!

MareChiaro really is a special place, renowned for its delicious food right on the beach. Upon arriving in FDM on our girls only weekend, we  soon realised the options for beach side dining are mind-blowingly endless,  so I really would recommend knowing where you want to go in advance.

This Italian gem is simultaneously  traditional and elegant, we were led through the inside of the restaurant to the beautiful candlelit, beach terrace. On taking our seats the super chic owner informed us this was a restaurant specalising in olive oil and proceeded to hand us the olive oil menu!!!!!

The menu is full of fine Italian favourites; ravioli with a Parmesan mousse, macaroni with a cheese sauce (macaroni cheese!) Spaghetti in a bread and cheese sauce – are you seeing a theme here?! As in Italy where pasta is normally fir the first course, before the main course, the portion size was lovely i.e not so large that you are left feeling wildly bloated afterwards. My favourite was zucchini flowers stuffed with ricotta in a tomato sauce and also the beef carpaccio. All of these dishes are served with a different, appropriate olive oil.

This is a restaurant that takes food seriously, they are passionate about Italian food and olive oil (rightly so!) You  really can taste the love and care that has gone into each plate. Mostly the menu is all dishes that you will already know, nothing wildly new but at MareChiaro these classics somehow taste a million times better than anywhere else. As for the Olive oil, I tried one of the strongest on the menu, the depth of the flavour was intense and certainly made dipping some fresh Italian bread in it more than a pleasure.

I will go back to Forte Dei Marmi just for MareChiaro.

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